Get Started


FlexiReed has the following minimum requirements:


FlexiReed comes packaged with its own auto-installer. This means that the first time you try to load up FlexiReed, it will automatically launch the installation procedure.

  1. Download the latest version of FlexiReed
  2. Upload the files to your server (normally using FTP)
  3. Go to path_to_FlexiReed/installation and follow the on-screen instructions

As it is mentioned at the end of the installation procedure, the installation folder must be deleted, and the value of CHECK_INSTALL_EXISTS constant must be changed in both front-end and back-end index.php files like this: define("CHECK_INSTALL_EXISTS", 0);


For security reasons it is strongly recommended to rename system, cache and html folders in both front-end and back-end core sections.

Next, just set the constants SYSTEM, CACHE and HTML with their corresponding values in the two index.php files.


Default path to access the back-end login page is path_to_FlexiReed/system.

Use the login and the password created during the installation process to access the back-end panel.