What is FlexiReed?

FlexiReed aims to propose cohesive & rock-solid PHP foundations enabling to build any kind of website without requiring to third-party libraries for common actions, and keeping in mind a very simple and pragmatic approach of coding.

For this reason, even if it offers a strict separation between the logic and the view, Flexireed is not based on classical MVC model and does not require to add ORM, template engine or other external resources-consuming libraries to execute low-level processes. Flexireed has really been designed with practicality in mind and comes natively with wieldy and ready-to-use functions.

Please note however that FlexiReed is not intended for PHP novices; it's indeed recommended to have minimal knowledge in PHP in order to use it.

The name "FlexiReed" is a portmanteau word formed by the words "flexible" and "reed" and was inspired by the French fable "The Oak and the Reed", from which is extracted the popular adage "Always be as soft as a reed and not as hard as a cedar tree" (literally in French: "Always be as flexible as a reed and not as hard as a oak").

FlexiReed was initially created in early 2010s by Fabien Assenarre, a French-Swiss PHP passionate. The project is always maintained by him.

FlexiReed's main native features are: