'Themes' folder contains all the files needed to display and customize content.

Files are located in : themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/html/{public/private}

Templates and sub-templates are two kinds of HTML files needed to diplay views. All TPL files must be suffixed by .tpl.

Template files (TPL)

Tpl files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/html/{public/private}/tpl and are associated with page_id_(frt/bck) in . DB_PREFIX . _pages_(frt/bck) via page_theme_lang_(frt/bck).

All pages must have a TPL file associated to be displayed.

Home TPL is defined for each language in . DB_PREFIX . _settings_(frt/bck) via setting_default_public_tpl_(frt/bck) and default TPL by constant DEFAULT_HOME_TPL_FRT/BCK in configuration file system.

Sub-template files (sub-TPL)

Sub-tpl files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/html/{public/private}/sub_tpl and must have been previously declared in an action file with view via the static method:
Fxr_lib\Template::loadSubTemplates('sub_tpl_category' . DS . 'sub_tpl_file', '...', '...', '...', '...' ).


CSS files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/css and can be called in TPL file like this:

<link href="themes/front_end/{{setting_abbr_lang_frt}}/{{setting_theme_folder_frt}}/css/file.css" rel="stylesheet">


Errors files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/errors

There are 3 default errors files:


Images files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/img


JS files are located in themes/(front_end/back_end)/{theme_lang}/{theme_folder}/js and can be called in TPL file like this:

<link href="themes/front_end/{{setting_abbr_lang_frt}}/{{setting_theme_folder_frt}}/js/file.js" rel="stylesheet">